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Constable's Piece

This is a sample page for a possible redesign and will not be updated. 

The Constable's Piece Trust is looking to accept applications for funding from eligible individuals and organisations.
Please direct enquiries to the Parish Clerk. Either by Email to or by post c/o the Parish Clerk.

The next meeting of the Constable's Piece will be on the 20th January. Please note meetings may be closed to the public.

Application details  

For more information and details of how to apply please see the associated PDF documents below:

Application Criteria (PDF)   Application Form (PDF)

Map of the the Parish (PDF)


Agenda 11th November 2020 (PDF)

Agenda 12th March 2020 (PDF)

Agenda 22nd January 2020 (PDF)

Agenda 13th November 2019 (PDF)

Agenda 20th March 2019 (PDF)

Agenda 23rd January 2019 (PDF)

Agenda 14th Novemer 2018 (PDF)

Agenda 14th March 2018

Agenda 8th Nov 2017

Agenda AGM 2017


Minutes 13th November 2019 (PDF)

Minutes 20th March 2019 (PDF)

Minutes 23rd January 2019 (PDF)

Minutes 14th November 2018 (PDF)

Minutes 14th March 2018 (PDF)

Minutes 8th Nov 2017 (PDF)

Minutes AGM 2017 (PDF)