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The Cotswolds - Tender for the final 10%

Fastershire has put a tender to the market for provision of Superfast Broadband in this area. Not all premises will be covered by the tender, it will be up to the winner of the contract to decide where coverage is provided.
BT Openreach are unlikely to be involved in this tender

Map of the Stage 4 Lot 1 - The Cotswolds, areas marked in red are not included in the tender.

The tender closes in April and advice on the winning bid is expected in June 2015.
Details for the Sate Aid Consultation Lot 1 - Cotswolds and other documentation can be found here and here.

The Fastershire strategy states " communities benefitting may also have to shoulder more risk in terms of accepting that either suppliers or their business models and technical solutions may be commercially unproven and inherently ‘risky’." The Fastershire 2014 -2018 Strategy is available here.


Fastershire have awarded Gigaclear the contract for the Cotswolds

All postcodes specified in the tender will receive a termination point outside the property. In addition properties that are on the surveyed route but not in the tender list of postcodes will be included.


Our neighbour West Oxfordshire is connecting 100% of the district to SuperFast Broadband.

Cotswold Broadband